The Pastoral Care team of Mill Creek Foursquare exists to provide pastoral care for those who are stuck, struggling, or suffering.  We do this through compassionate listening, Biblical counsel, and Spirit directed prayer.  In addition to this we aim to further connect each person that we meet with to God and the body of Christ.


We have assembled a team of mature Spirit filled men and women who can meet with anyone requesting an appointment for Pastoral Care.  This request can include office, house, or hospital visits depending on the request and the availability of the team members. Please contact Johan Mueller below.

If you are a part of Mill Creek Foursquare Church you can request an appointment by sending an email to pastoralcare@mc4s.org or calling the Church office at 425-742-3366.  We will have a team member follow up with you to schedule an appointment.   

Our prayer is that each person who needs care will receive it and NOBODY will fall through the cracks at Mill Creek Foursquare. We look forward to meeting with you!