men's ministry events

Men's Advance - Chapel - Friday, Feb 1st (6:30pm-8:30pm) and Saturday, Feb 2nd (8am-12pm)

Men’s Work Day - MC4S - Saturday, March 30th (9am-12pm…or later)

Men’s Advance - Chapel - Friday, April 26th (6:30pm-8:30pm) and Saturday, April 27th (8am-12pm)

Men’s Breakfast - Chapel - Saturday, Sept 7th (8am-10am)

Men’s Retreat - Cedar Springs Camp - Friday, Sept 20th (evening) through Sunday, Sept 22nd (ending at noon)

Men’s Breakfast - Chapel - Saturday, November 9th (8am-10am)

Other Events being scheduled - watch for more dates!


men's small groups

You are invited to join a small group.  We believe that small groups play an essential part in making disciples.  It creates the intimacy that helps guard against the challenges that arise when men function in isolation.  

If you are a man seeking sexual purity, please feel free to contact any of our Men's Ministry leaders below as we desire to see each man to experience freedom and to walk in God designed sexuality.

We have several men-specific small groups to choose from:


Men’s Conquer Series - 6:00pm-8:00pm - MC4S (Room 203) *Starting February 14th
Men's Group - Video Series on Sexual Purity // Contact Travis Kincaid

Wednesday Nights - 6:30pm - MC4S in Room 203
"The Foundation" - All men are invited to grow with us as we study the Bible together. // Contact Sy Reeves

Thursday Night - 7:00pm - Jim Kiefer's House
Men's Group - Devotions & Accountability // Contact Jim Kiefer

Thursday Night - 7:00pm - MC4S (Room 207)
Men's Group - Sermon Discussion // Contact Jon Siegel


*Men's small groups meet upstairs at the church unless otherwise noted*