Program Goals

Based on our mission, the broad goals of our program are to: 

• Provide a positive introduction to an educational environment. 
• Provide age appropriate experiences that will foster the physical, social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and creative growth in each child.
• Instill in each child a positive self-concept and feeling of self worth.
• Provide a Christian atmosphere in the classroom to promote respect and love for one another.
• Help each child develop self-discipline by learning to be responsible for his/her own actions.
• Help each child develop the ability to problem solve and make decisions through active involvement in the learning process.
• Provide opportunities for social interaction with peers.
• Provide opportunities to develop large and small motor skills and coordination. 

Our Classes:

We offer classes for kids age 2 through 5 years. To learn more, please visit our Class Info Page.


Open enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year will be on February 16 from 10am-12pm.

To check class availability and learn about the enrollment process, please visit our Enrollment Page.

Frequently Asked Questions:

To read some of the most frequently asked questions about our preschool, please visit our FAQ Page.