Q: How is a co-op preschool different from other preschools?

A: Co-Op preschool programs utilize parent involvement as a way to both assist in the education of parents regarding age appropriate behavior and learning styles of young children. Parents are involved in classroom assistance, fundraising events, various classroom or program jobs and parent education opportunities. Because we utilize parent involvement and keep our overhead low in the way of staff, we are able to keep our costs low for our families.

Q: How many times do I have to volunteer in my child’s classroom?

A: Parents will volunteer one day a week and have the other day off. Volunteer schedules will be set for the year so that parents can plan appointments and other personal activities accordingly. If you are a Mon/Wed parent then you will either volunteer every Monday or every Wednesday. The same goes for our Tues/Thurs families. If your child is enrolled in our 4 day Pre-K class, then you will volunteer 2 of the 4 days each week.

Q: What do I do with my younger child while I am volunteering?

A: We offer a nursery during preschool hours for our younger siblings. Parents who utilize the nursery for younger siblings rotate volunteering in the nursery as well. This is not an additional volunteer requirement; you will serve in the nursery on a rotating basis on your regularly scheduled in-class volunteer day instead of being in class with your older child. If your child is under 6 months, they are welcoming in the nursery, or they may come into the classroom with you as long as they are in a front pack or a baby carrier and as long as they do not pose too much of a disruption to the class as a whole.

Q: Do your teachers have a degree in Early Childhood Education?

A: Our program strives to find teachers who have a passion for educating young children as well as previous experience in the field. Each of our teachers possesses a different degree in a variety of areas ranging from education to psychology to the arts. Our teachers are encouraged to take ongoing education in the field of ECE but are not required to possess a degree in ECE. Our teachers each have proclaimed Jesus Christ as their savior and have a vested interest in building each child up in Christ’s encouragement and love.

Q: What steps do you take to make sure that those caring for our children are safe?

A: Each of our teachers and volunteering parents MUST fill out a Criminal History Background Check each year. This background check does a thorough job of searching the databases nationwide for any criminal behavior that is physical or sexual in nature. Those who reveal a criminal history in one of these areas are not permitted to serve in our classrooms or around our children.

Q: Do I receive a partial tuition discount if my child is absent or on vacation?

A: Unfortunately we are not able to discount tuition due to absences. If your child is absent or on vacation (even a prolonged vacation) the full tuition amount is still due.

Q: Does tuition change each month based on the amount of days the preschool is open?

A: In order to keep our accounting system simple, we take into account all of the days that we are open in the year and divide that number by 10 months. In the end, tuition remains the same each month regardless if we are closed for a vacation break, national holiday or in-service day. There will be some months where we are open every day and others where a holiday falls. In the end, it all evens out as we strive to make our tuition fair and reasonable for all of our families.

Q: Does your program offer scholarships?

A: We do offer a limited amount of scholarships for families who demonstrate a financial need. In order to qualify for a scholarship, families must fill out the required form and submit it for review. All names and information submitted will remain confidential. Those who demonstrate the greatest need for financial assistance will receive first priority for scholarships as we have limited scholarship funds to offer.

Q: How does fundraising work? What kinds of responsibilities do parents hold in fundraising for the preschool?

A: Fundraising is essential in keeping our tuition prices as low as possible. It also serves as an incredible way to meet other preschool families as well as reach out to our community at large. There are two ways that parents are involved in our fundraising events: 1. Donating their time to fundraising events (each family must volunteer at 2 fundraising events for the entire year) and 2. Donating items for our fundraisers. We ask parents to donate concessions for our movie nights, procure or donate one item for our annual raffle and donate your gently used items to our annual garage sale. Families are not required to donate items to each of these fundraisers, we simply encourage parents to donate as much as they can for any or all of these events.

Q: How much religion is taught in the classroom?

A: We do not hide the fact that we are a Christian preschool serving as a ministry of Mill Creek Foursquare Church. Each of our teachers includes Christian faith in their classroom, but varies on how they include it in their daily teaching routine. Some of our teachers focus on Bible stories, some on prayer, some on music and song. Our main goal through spiritual teaching is to teach about the love of Jesus to all of our children.

Q: What do I do if I want to withdraw my child from the program?

A: As family situations may change throughout the year, we understand that preschool needs can change as well. If a family wishes to withdraw from our program, we simply require 30 days notice in writing. This allows us time to find another child to replace the space that the withdrawing child has held in our program.

Q: What if I am absent and need to find a substitute for volunteering in the classroom?

A: If you are unable to volunteer on one of your given days we ask that you find a parent from the other day to trade with you. Parents who are absent from volunteering responsibilities are required to make them up in another fashion (i.e. Volunteering on a different day in one of our classrooms, assisting in toy cleaning or serving in our nursery).

Q: Do I have to attend Mill Creek Foursquare Church in order to participate in the co-op preschool?

A: No, our preschool is open to everyone. Families are always invited to attend our church services and functions, but it is never a requirement in order to be a part of our preschool program.